Yom Shabbat, 2 Sivan 5777
Saturday, May 27, 2017

Where do the days go?  Do you remember when you were a child and it seemed that you would never grow up?  Didn’t we all go to the grocery store with a parent and think I can’t wait until I grow up and can buy anything I want at the grocery store.  Now that I am grown up it seems the days fly by faster than we can keep up and alas we also know that we cannot fill our grocery carts with all those goodies that were so tempting when we were young if we want to be healthy.  And so another holiday time has flown past.

Despite the cold wintry day that kept the Temple closed on the Sunday we planned to make latkes for Chanukah, the latkes did indeed get made.  Sisterhood members fried latkes and set festive tables in the community room.  On the seventh day of Chanukah Rabbi Companez led a joyous service followed by all attending sharing in a beautiful candle lighting service.  Two long tables were filled with glowing menorahs which lit the room and our spirits as we enjoyed dinner.  As the adults visited over coffee and desserts children enjoyed decorating Chanukah cookies and crafts.  Thanks to all who brought dishes to share and celebrated with us.

On January 22nd Sisterhood members gathered at Sorin’s on the Notre Dame campus for brunch.  We all enjoyed a delicious lunch and appreciated the time to connect and share with friends.  As we exited we learned that Sorin’s serves high tea in the afternoon some days.  Some of us thought we would enjoy that.  If high tea sounds interesting to you please email Temple and we will make a plan to attend.

As the end of January approaches we are busy planning for a Tu B’Shvat sedar and dinner on Friday, February 10th.  Please plan to join us as we enjoy foods considered the seven species of the land of Israel.

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